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10 Reasons to Foster a Puppy This Year

Fostering a puppy can bring happiness, responsibility, and for some a little mischief to your home!

The PEDIGREE Foundation makes adoptions possible every day through grants to Dog Rescue and foster organizations. For every dog that is fostered, there is one more space in a shelter for another dog that needs a forever home. But that’s not the only reason dogs are fostered. Sometimes the dogs need to be immersed into a family to be healed from a traumatic past or to recover from a life-saving surgery.

Adorable Cavalier Puppy
PC: @timberthecavalier

Foster homes give dogs a chance to see love in a whole new way while the foster parents can work with them so they can eventually be adopted by their forever family.

Why YOU should foster a puppy

We’ve rounded up ten reasons to consider being a foster parent to a puppy this year!

1. Fostering a puppy brings love and joy into your home, and it’s flexible. According to research, dogs really do make us happier. Fostering is a flexible way to bring a dog into your home for a period of time. It’s not permanent unless you fall in love and adopt the dog!

2. You are freeing up a space in a shelter. For every dog that is fostered, there is one more space in a shelter for another dog that needs a forever home.

3. You are giving an injured pup the one-on-one attention they could not get in a crowded shelter. Puppies need special attention, especially ones who have been injured or are experiencing behavior issues due to their previous situation.

4. You are giving a young puppy a safe place to grow until they are ready to be adopted permanently. Puppies aren’t ready for their forever home until they are at least eight weeks old. An experienced foster parent will be able to take care of his or her needs until they are ready to be adopted.

5. You are helping the shelter learn more about the dog so they can find the best family for the dog. Is the puppy shy or does he or she run to greet guests? If the puppy is older, the foster family can let the shelter know if the dog acts strangely in parks, around children, or has a trigger of some kind that may limit their adoption chances. The key is to learn about their behavior to find the perfect match for their forever home.

6. You are getting the dog used to being around people and possibly other pets. When the foster parents have pets, the puppy gets used to being around other animals and being part of a pack.

7. Fostering a dog can help you heal. The act of petting an animal has proven health benefits. If you are healing from an emotional or physical wound, fostering a dog can help heal you as well as the pup..

Puppy in the snow
PC: @konatheberner

8. You can trial whether you are a potential pet parent by fostering a dog with little monetary commitment. The animal shelter or organization may reimburse for the expenses incurred by the foster family. This allows your family to see what it’s like to have a pet in the house and see if this is the right time for your family to adopt permanently.

9. You are teaching your children responsibility and compassion for homeless animals. Children will not only love playing with the puppy, but they can learn what it’s like to care for a dog.

10. Falling in love. You may just fall in love with the foster dog and want to adopt him. The dog may be the perfect fit for your family! We sometimes call this a “foster fail,” but it just means that the dog ended up being a perfect fit for your family.

So, consider being a foster parent to a puppy this year! It will be a rewarding experience forOpen your home and your heart to loving a dog you, your family and a dog in need in search of a forever home. while making room at your local shelter.