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2018 American Rescue Dog Show

On Monday, February 19 8/7c, The Hallmark Channel is hosting the first-ever 2018 American Rescue Dog Show! This competition includes mixed breed and pure breed rescue dogs competing in a variety of cute categories, all with the goal of ending pet homelessness. Here are just a few of the cute contenders:


Gracie, the Best in Kissing Contender 

Gracie stole the hearts of a woman named Rachel, her young son and their other dog when Gracie was initially brought into the family as a foster dog. Rachel quickly knew that Gracie belonged in her family and ultimately adopted her from Boxer Rescue LA. Now, Gracie helps other rescue dogs with her family.

Gracie loves being with people. Her favorite people are her family, but she also loves anyone and everyone who walks through the front door. She’s the epitome of that phrase, “A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet!” When anyone comes up to her, she must check them out, sniff them and of course, kiss them. Gracie will kiss you as much as you’ll allow. She also loves being lazy, cuddling, and being petted. She is a cuddle aficionado and loves being right next to you at all times. She also loves being around her dog best friends—especially Lula, her Great Dane best friend, and Hunter, her Boxer boyfriend. She and Hunter play for hours, then lie around and kiss. The kissing practice will no doubt help her in the “Best in Kissing” category! Because Gracie is such a sweetie, she also goes with Rachel to volunteer at the Boxer Rescue where her job is to be a “test” dog so she can help the workers see how dogs react to other dogs. She even does well with cats! She enjoys sitting by the cat play area at her vet’s office. Deep down, she would probably love a cat brother or sister.

Some of Gracie’s toys include anything that involves playing fetch, so she loves any kind of ball! She has also been known to poke holes (accidentally, of course!) in soccer balls, which helps her carry them. One unique toy she adores is a Christmas ornament-shaped plush toy. At first, it terrified her, but now she loves to play “tug” and chase after it. As far as treats, Gracie loves ALL treats. She also drools like crazy, which sometimes makes her kisses a little messy!


Charlie, the Best in Special Needs Contender 

After living in four different homes before Charlie was surrendered to a shelter as “uncontrollable,” it seemed that Charlie had met his fate—until Colleen came along. Charlie is an adorable deaf dog and was lovingly adopted by Colleen from the Animal Care Centers of NYC – A 2017 PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant Recipient. Together, he and Colleen learned 52 different American Sign Language (ASL) signs! An amazing and fun fact about Charlie is that he knows over 50 American Sign Language commands. He passed his therapy exam with a complex rating—which is the highest rating a dog can receive! His momma is so proud of him because she knows that some tasks are harder because he is deaf.

While living in NYC, Charlie loved the dog park and Central Park. Currently, he lives in Sunny California and is part of the Positive Pet Program at a local hospital in Santa Monica, bringing joy to everyone who meets him. He just loves visiting the nurses, doctors and patients! Charlie also loves to go with a group of his dog friends up to Malibu and run along the beach while chasing the waves and balls.

In addition, Charlie loves snuggles, people, learning new tricks and most importantly FOOD. Of course, Charlie assumes that any child in a stroller he encounters is smuggling food just for him. He also loves when someone knows sign language so they can talk to him—the “I love you” sign is his favorite. Above all, Charlie is a momma’s boy, so anything Colleen is doing, he must be a part of!

His favorite treats are bananas, carrot shavings, lettuce and anything you would expect a dog NOT to like. He would take an apple or banana any day over beef. As for toys, he loves plastic water bottles, his football and any toy another dog is playing with. When Collen isn’t home, Charlie adores cuddling up with his giant teddy bear—its’ the only toy he doesn’t tear apart.


Mischa, the Best in Senior Dog Contender 

Mischa is a beautiful Pyrenees senior dog that was adopted from the Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California – a 2016 and 2017 PEDIGREE Foundation Operation Grant recipient — by Kristen and her husband. After looking to rescue a gentle giant that would be great with their young son Samson, the couple met their match. Upon taking Mischa home, she immediately bonded with Samson.

Mischa truly is a charmer and she loves any kind of attention. If you are in the room with her and are awake, she makes sure you are petting her, scratching her or even just cuddling. Heaven forbid you have a hand on her and happen to stop any of the listed activities, as she will nose your hand back to work.

Some of Mischa’s favorite activities include napping, being in public and meeting new people. And even though Pyrenees are cold weather dogs, on a hot summer day, you’ll find her sprawled out sunbathing in the back yard. Living in Southern California, one might assume she loves the water, but the family quickly realized that she isn’t too keen on the beach or water and is certainly not fond of birds. Kristen always knows when birds have invaded her yard because Mischa will bark endlessly until the intruders finally leave the premises.

Her favorite treats are freeze-dried liver treats. She always plays it calm, cool and collected, but the most endearing quality is the fact that she is exceedingly gentle when she takes the treat. You could have a sliver of a treat and she will nibble away without you ever feeling a tooth. While she is a tender soul, she does love to throw around her favorite stuffed animals with squeakers!

Meet Mischa along with all the other American Rescue Dog contenders this Monday, February 19th at 8/7c, only on Hallmark Channel!

To learn more about the American Rescue Dog Show, visit their website.