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386 Dogs Saved by Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge

This letter is from Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge, a shelter that strives to rescue, rehome, and otherwise save as many dogs and puppies from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Since 2010, the organization has placed more than 3,500 animals in forever homes.

Dear PEDIGREE Foundation,

What a year it’s been for Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge! Thanks to The PEDIGREE Foundation Innovation Grant, 71 heartworm positive dogs have received treatment: 65 through completion of their 3+ months treatment, and seven that are currently completing treatment. In addition to the heartworm treatment, the Innovation Grant provided monthly heartworm preventative to 310 dogs. 386 dogs found homes by the end of September 2017.

This grant could not have been awarded at a more opportune time for Friends of the Animals. In August of 2016, Baton Rouge experienced the worst flood in our history. Many people lost their homes and some of our foster families still haven’t completed construction and/or repair of their homes. Several of our foster families provided respite care for their former foster dogs until the adoptive families could return to their homes. This process was lengthy, donations were low, and the shelters were overflowing.

The bright light was receiving the Innovation Grant. Local municipal shelters are not financially able to treat heartworm positive dogs and with economic instability in this region, the cost of treating heartworm positive dogs was not the main focus. We’re so glad FOTA could make it our top priority and so are the dogs we treated–thanks to The PEDIGREE Foundation!

Forever grateful,

Friends of the Animals BA