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9 Ways to Celebrate July 4th with Your Dog!

We all love celebrating Independence Day, especially with our furry friends!

With cookouts, fireworks, and an extra day off, we get to spend quality time with those we love. Show your pup some love by celebrating in some special ways with them!

1. Make frozen dog treats!

It’s hot in July! Show your dog you care by making cool refreshing peanut butter and banana treats or try these pupcicles!

Peanut Butter & Banana Treats
PC: Sugar & Soul


2. Dress them up in a bandana, hat or t-shirt!

Dog sporting a bandana
PC: @ valentineweimshep


3. Paint their nails!

Dog with nails painted pink.
PC: @derrinives


4. Take them to a nursing home or assisted living center.

Many people don’t have family around them on July 4th and this is a great way to bring joy to someone’s life! Hospitals are great places for dog therapy as well.

Therapy dog
PC: @maplegrovehospital


5. Take them to a dog friendly 4th celebration.

Celebration with Fireworks
PC: @keychicago


6. Plan a play date for your dog and perhaps other humans, too!

Resting at a dog park
PC: @lucyluaussie


7. Go swimming with your dog or set up the sprinkler.

Dog swimming
PC: @chris_mic


8. Play games!! Frisbee, fetch, nose work games, and teaching them a new trick are all fun activities!

Dog playing frisbee
PC: @aliceimfotoland_de


9. Be safe!

PC: @todonada_

Many dogs are afraid of fireworks, and for good reason. With sensitive hearing, the fireworks are LOUD and sudden noises are scary to most dogs. Make sure you have taken precautions to protect and comfort your dog while fireworks are going on.