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Foundation gets my
bark of approval.❞Tiger
Tiger is one lucky dog! Born in a kill shelter, he is now with a forever family that loves his antics, like burying his toys in the sofa cushions.

We see a day when all dogs are safe, secure, cared for, fed well, and loved.
—PEDIGREE Foundation Vision Statement

PEDIGREE Foundation is working to find a solution to the problem of the millions of homeless dogs in this country. Through our grant
programs, we support organizations that save the lives of dogs that would otherwise be lost.

The Foundation was established in 2008 by dog lovers with a passionate belief that every dog deserves a loving home. PEDIGREE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation that supports shelters and rescue organizations, as well as encouraging people to ADOPT, VOLUNTEER, and DONATE.

PEDIGREE Foundation grants are funded by the PEDIGREE® Brand and contributions from dog lovers like you. Your tax-deductible donation* helps us reach even more dogs in need.

donated to shelters and
rescue organizations

grants awarded

in each Innovation Grant

Shelters & rescue organizations:
Apply for a grant and help more dogs like Whiskers find forever homes.
This video explains our philosophy and shows why we’re so passionate about helping dogs.
PEDIGREE Foundation is run by a volunteer Board of Directors:
Bo Segers, President
Frederic Steunou, Treasurer
Steve Capitani, Secretary
Deb Fair, Executive Director
Chris Hamilton
Lisa Campbell
Wendy Bell
Brad Jaffe
Kimberly Spina
Craig Neely
Melodie Bolin
Donna Fuller

Contact information
PEDIGREE Foundation
315 Cool Springs Boulevard
Franklin, TN  37067
(615) 807-4194

EIN: 26-1121498