Our Mission

The Pedigree Foundation exists to support organizations that help dogs in need find their loving homes.

The PEDIGREE Foundation was established by a group of creative and caring people in 2008 who truly believed that every dog deserves a loving home.  They also believed that the way to ensure that more adoptable dogs would find their forever homes was to support the shelters and rescue organizations across this country that work so tirelessly on behalf of the animals in their care.   

With generous sustaining contributions from PEDIGREE Brand® and other concerned individuals, the PEDIGREE Foundation has awarded 4,740 grants to shelters and rescue organizations totaling more than $6.1 million. 2016 Grants were announced on November 29 on Giving Tuesday.

Today, the PEDIGREE Foundation Board of Directors continues to look for ways to help dogs in need.  They are dedicated to raising the funds necessary to increase the grants program and endow the Foundation, to more broadly communicate the message of “Adopt – Volunteer – Donate”, and to educate people about the benefits and delights of responsible dog ownership.

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are. Volunteer!

Many shelters and rescues couldn’t exist without volunteers. Contact shelters and rescues in your area and ask about their volunteer program. Here are two great organizations that can also help you find a match for your time and talents.


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• Donor Newsletter: Focusing on the positive impact our grants are making.
• Shelter Newsletter: Showing how shelters use their PEDIGREE Foundation grants to increase adoptions.