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You can apply for our new disaster relief grant!

When disaster strikes, we know that shelters and rescues need help rescuing and protecting the animals in their care. For this reason, we’ve created a special grant specifically for animal disaster relief needs!


The PEDIGREE Foundation now provides disaster relief grants to nonprofit animal welfare organizations impacted by natural disasters. If you would like to apply for a disaster relief grant, it’s very easy!

1. Download and print the grant application.
2. Fill out the application.
3. Scan the application and email the completed form it to

Three simple steps will allow you to apply for a grant that can go directly to aiding shelters and rescues who have been affected by a natural disaster, as well as organizations who are helping those affected shelters. Once you apply, the Foundation will review your application and get back to you as quickly as possible.

To download the grant application, click this link.