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Best in Rescue! Celebrating Dog Adoption with Hallmark Channel

Dogs with their medals

In February, PEDIGREE Foundation was thrilled to be the grant sponsor for Hallmark Channel’s American Rescue Dog Show, which shines a spotlight on rescue dogs to encourage dog adoption.

Portrait of GoliathLike other dog shows, the event includes dogs competing in categories that celebrate their unique personalities and skills. But unlike other dog shows, these dogs are all rescues – both mixed breed and pure breed. And, adding to the fun, the categories in this show cover talents like “Best in Belly Rubs,” “Best Couch Potato” and “Best Wiggle Butt.”

We had such a great time watching the competition, and were honored to celebrate shelters and rescues by giving $100,000 in grants to the organizations represented by the winning dogs.

Congratulations to the winners – click through to see their pictures and stories!

Please check out Hallmark Channel’s American Rescue Dog Show website to learn more about the program and see great video excerpts.

And, if you love shelter and rescue dogs as much as we do, please consider donating to PEDIGREE Foundation to help us give more grants to shelters and rescues that help dogs find homes!