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ARRUFF Rescues Five Black Lab Puppies

Every dog has a story. The PEDIGREE Foundation is so honored to be a part of the story you’re about to read. These five puppies were left for dead until Karen found them and took them in.

Five black lab puppies were found, dumped on the side of a rural road in Arkansas, with no mama dog in sight. They were emaciated and barely surviving – but they had. They were little troopers. Each puppy had wounds, and scars where older wounds had messily healed. They did not have a happy start in life.

ARRUFF Rescues black lab puppies
The puppies discovering they LOVE the water!

Meet Karen, Director of ARRUFF Rescue in Benton, Arkansas. She dared to rescue five black lab puppies, nurse them back to health, and prepare them for adoption. Her organization is a proud grant recipient of the PEDIGREE Foundation. The funds allow her to purchase the highly needed food and supplies needed to rescue dogs that so desperately need a forever home.

Let’s learn more about these precious black lab puppies from their rescuer, Karen:

ARRUFF Rescues black lab puppies
Cami ready for her new home!

“I took these babies to my home, where I foster dogs and puppies, for ARRUFF Rescue in Benton, AR. They were SO scared of people that they hid underneath my shed for at least two weeks. I could only put out food and water for them 2-3 times a day and try my best to call to them so I could love them. They just shook, stared at me, or retreated further underneath the shed. Not wanting to scare them, I would only call to them every 2-3 days. I put my old T-shirts out in the Igloo doghouses, hoping they would become used to my scent. Eventually, one little baby girl came to me!! After that? They all grew pretty brave, and eventually, within two days, they would all come to me!!

“Since that time I have treated them for their wounds, given them everything needed to protect them from fleas, ticks, mites, worms, and parasites. I fed them great food, of course, and they soon became so very healthy that their hair began growing back in the scarred areas, and they became such beautiful Black Labs.

“Three of the less scarred babies have found wonderful pre-approved forever homes through Rescue Groups Website, where we post their stories and pictures. Those stories and pictures are sent to hundreds of adoptive websites, and it was through those websites where my sweet babies were seen. People fell in love with them, and gave Catherine, Cooper, and Charlize, wonderful homes.

ARRUFF Rescues black lab puppies
One of the puppies going to her new home!

“I have two babies that are still healing, Cami and Claire. Their wounds were the worst. They are now on the websites, as they are now healed to the point that once they do travel to their new homes, their hair will have filled in the scars they still bear.”

-Karen Ragsdale




Join PEDIGREE Foundation in helping animal rescue groups around the country SAVE dogs. Through your giving and Karen’s amazing efforts, these beautiful black lab puppies now have the chance to live full and happy lives in their forever homes.