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A Better Life Animal Rescue, Inc. Rescues 4 Scruffy Puppies

A Better Life Animal Rescue, Inc., a foster-based rescue in western NC, received a call for help about four puppies that were headed to the local kill shelter.

The owner could not afford to keep them and let the 6-week old puppies run loose. Friends of the family contacted our rescue and it was truly an emergency situation (especially since our area is in the country and prime for predators such as coyotes!).

We visited the owner and obtained an owner surrender form. The puppies were immediately taken to a veterinarian for a well check and named Russell, Reed, Ramsey and Raelynn. Upon arrival at their foster home, each puppy received a warm bath and flea treatments.

The puppies were so full of personality and extremely loving and social. Immediately, we noted that Raelynn and Ramsey were very bonded and that bond grew stronger with each day, so much so that everyone hoped that they would be adopted together. We knew, of course, that chances would be slim because each was going to be around 40 to 45 pounds when full grown and adopting two puppies requires a huge commitment!

Our prayers were answered when we received a call from a couple in Greensboro, NC. Ramsey and Raelynn were four months old by then. The inquiring couple, Carol and Richard, saw their pictures and bios on online and fell in love with both of them. They had fostered and rescued 6 dogs over the past 10 years and had lost the last member to old age.


With Richard retired and Carol working from home, they agreed the house felt empty without a dog. They had always had rescues around and the lack of activity was noticeable. Carol and Richard still had two rescued cats who were part of their family and both cats also missed and grieved the passing of their canine family member.

They sent their adoption application in to us and after receiving glowing remarks from their veterinarian and personal references, a home visit was scheduled.

The biggest test was whether Ramsey and Raelynn would be able to interact with two cats and vice versa. One of the cats stayed hidden for a few days and one let both pups know that she ran the house. Ramsey and Raelynn were intrigued and curious puppies, but gentle around their new family members.

Luckily, Carol and Ed have a huge home and enough room for everyone to have their space and feel secure. They also had enough patience to allow everyone time to become friends. So along with their huge fenced in backyard to safely play, Ramsey and Raelynn not only have each other and their new parents, but 2 huge cats to cuddle with them on the sofa.

“For all of us at A Better Life Animal Rescue, there is nothing more rewarding than this: watching our rescues find their forever homes and becoming part of loving families. This was even sweeter for us because two very bonded pups will now live their lives together.”