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Cinnamon’s Adoption Story

One of our followers on Instagram told us his story how he came to meet his rescue Cinnamon.

“My girlfriend and I were volunteering to walk dogs at the city pound when we first came across Cinnamon (named Sal at the time). It was love at first sight! She was so slow, sick and scared on our volunteer walk that even though we had no plans to adopt a dog, over the next few days we couldn’t stop thinking of her! We felt such guilt knowing that an angel is sitting in a cage at a kill shelter, and resolved to give her a better life. It must have been fate which brought us together, because unbeknownst to us, that 60 pound dog who was too sick to go through her scheduled spaying on the day of adoption was PREGNANT! Just a little more than a week after bringing her home, Cinnamon had a litter of puppies-surprise!- we raised them for 2 months before adopting out to good homes. Cinnamon’s come a long way from when we first met her-she’s confident, brave, and now weighs 83 pounds (vs the 60 pounds when fully pregnant) – but we are still in love with her as the day we first met. She is living proof of why you should adopt instead of shop: you can save a dog, and end up with a wonderful friend (or friends!) at the same time!”

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