Helpful Resources for Dog Lovers

Congratulations! If you’re sharing your life with a dog, you have embarked on one of life’s great adventures. Dogs fill a very special and unique place in our hearts.  At the PEDIGREE Foundation, we love all dogs—but nothing makes us happier than seeing families give shelter or rescue dogs a forever home.

We believe in the power of education to eliminate abuse toward dogs and other animals, so we gathered some useful information for you. Whether you’re new to puppy love or an experienced caregiver, we think you will find some helpful tips here.

Rest assured that the information we provide here comes from the best sources.

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are. Volunteer!

Many shelters and rescues couldn’t exist without volunteers. Contact shelters and rescues in your area and ask about their volunteer program. Here are two great organizations that can also help you find a match for your time and talents.

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