2019 Innovation Grant Recipients

2019 DOGS RULE.™ and Innovation Grant Recipients

Agency City State Amount
DOGS RULE.™ Grant – Ruff Start Rescue Princeton MN $50,000
To support the “ComPAWtibility Match Program,” which will make the current adoption process seamless by increasing the number of foster and Foster-to-Adopt families. The ComPAWtibility Match Program will enhance interactions with potential fosters and adopters, as well as existing adopters, to create a supportive volunteer network. The multifaceted program creates more efficient foster, adoption and post-adoption processes that will lead to more successful dog adoptions and a supportive rescue community. This is a two-year grant providing $50,000 in 2019 and $50,000 in 2020.
DOGS RULE.™ Grant – Austin Pets Alive! Austin TX $50,000
In its second year, this DOGS RULE.™ Grant will support the second phase of its Virtual Foster Program which is designed to bring the benefits of a foster home to a kennel environment. This program pairs dogs that are having difficulty finding a foster home with a volunteer who is unable to house a dog themselves, but who instead serves as a “virtual foster” to the dog by fulfilling all of the foster-related needs of the dog. The program is intended to shorten the dogs’ shelter stay and boost overall adoption rates. This two-year grant included $50,000 in 2018 and $50,000 in 2019.
Role Model Shelter Grant – Kauai Humane Society Lihue HI $50,000
As the only open-admission animal shelter on the island of Kauai, the Kauai Humane Society takes in approximately 3,500 animals per year, of which more than 1,400 are dogs. In partnership with Austin Pets Alive!’s Maddie’s® Lifesaving Academy, the goal of this project is to improve the quality of care the dogs receive in the shelter while simultaneously reducing its shelter population through positive outcomes and intake reduction.