2020 Innovation Grant Recipients


2020 DOGS RULE.™ and Role Model Grant Recipients

DOGS RULE.™ grants are $100,000 grants provided over two years to develop and support an innovative initiative that can become a best practice for other shelters and rescues. Role Model Shelter grants are up to $50,000 grants that help organizations implement a best practice with the purpose of getting more dogs adopted. The 2020 grantees were:

Agency City State Amount
DOGS RULE.™ Grant – York County SPCA York PA $100,000
First half of $100,000 DOGS RULE.™ grant for 2020 and 2021 to create an interactive, technology-based kennel card program that helps potential adopters get to know dogs, see them outside the kennel environment and learn important information about them quickly. The goal is to give adopters a better way to interact with dogs to increase dog adoption and decrease dogs’ length of stay in shelters.
DOGS RULE.™ Grant – Ruff Start Rescue Princeton MN $100,000
Second half of $100,000 DOGS RULE.™ grant for 2019 and 2020 to support their “ComPAWtibility Match Program,” which creates efficient foster, adoption and post-adoption processes that lead to more successful dog adoptions and a supportive rescue community. The goal is to enhance interactions with potential fosters and adopters, as well as existing adopters, to create a supportive volunteer network.
Role Model Shelter Grant – American Pets Alive Austin TX $50,000
To implement the Human Animal Support Services initiative that aims to transform how homeless pets are handled in communities across the country and bring the human-animal bond to the center of shelter practices. This initiative builds on learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, which disrupted shelter operations and led to increased fostering, community engagement and other advances.
Role Model Shelter Grant – Delaware Humane Association Wilmington DE $46,000
To support their Tail Road Express transport program that brings dogs from southern states to Delaware Humane for local adoption. Additionally, the funding will support construction on the community adoption center in Rehoboth Beach, which has grown to handle about a third of the organization’s adoptions. Among the upgrades, the center will get an enrichment space to benefit dogs awaiting adoption.
Role Model Shelter Grant – Friends of Pima Animal Care Center Tucson AZ $50,000
To support the center’s transition into a community resource center for those who need support or services to keep their dogs, thereby improving outcomes for dogs and people alike. The funds will support a new role responsible for creating and implementing protocols and procedures, while overseeing the center’s pet retention and rehoming specialists. This grant was generously supported by Bi-Mart.