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Help Save Pets


Help Save Pets in Plainfield, Illinois is a 2014 Operation Grant recipient. They rescue abused and neglected animals and nurse them to become healthy and happy pets to be adopted. We are so proud of the work they continue to do in their community!

How do we measure success at HSP? The measure of our success happens in a general sense and in a specific daily sense.

In a general sense, each of us at HSP feels we have succeeded whenever:

  • An abused, neglected or abandoned animal comes into HSP and leaves happy, healthy and ready for a new chance at life.
  • We find yet another forever home for one of our rescued animals from our host facilities, or when one of our four-legged “ambassadors” finds a forever home with a family that attends one of our off-site events.
  • We hear from adopters of our HSP animals that they are glad they chose adoption, and that both the pet and the people are happy to have each other now!

But what I personally find the most gratifying are the smaller HSP successes that occur behind-the-scenes EACH AND EVERY DAY that MUST happen on a daily basis for those “general” successes to be achieved for so many animals in need. This battle has been fought and won on a daily basis for over 14 years now thanks to the diligence of our hard-working volunteers and the tireless support from  our community partners. Without both of these, HSP could not hope to be successful at rescuing so many animals in desperate need.  I’d like to recognize all those volunteers for what they do every day, and perhaps offer some insight to YOU – our essential supporter – as to the level of commitment our volunteers give without any compensation other than the knowledge that their efforts have helped another deserving animal find a home.

Here’s a short list of what our volunteers do to see that the mission of HSP remains successful for the sake of the homeless animals:

  • Coordinate daily adoptions, surgeries, and intakes to determine who is available for adoption each subsequent day.
  • Evaluate daily availability of cat and dog runs to rescue animals in need of our help as soon as we can.
  • Process new HSP arrivals coming from local animal controls or on rescue transports from high-kill shelters, log them in, evaluate their medical needs, take photos and set them up with housing, food, water, and most importantly, lots of TLC.
  • Manage our off-site temporary care providers to ensure that the animals in their care are doing well and are on track for getting healthy and ready for placement.
  • Facilitate and track all medical services provided by our host facilities for each and every animal in our care.
  • Replenish the supply of medicine, food and litter needed at each of our host facilities every day for the care of our animals.
  • Teach puppy classes to the adopters of HSP’s pups to help them stay in their new homes forever by preventing the development of behavioral issues.
  • Respond efficiently and accurately to voicemail messages and facilitate the safe and efficient processing of the rare, but sometimes necessary, return of one of our adopted animals back into our safekeeping.
  • Coordinate community partnerships for fundraising and community events

That’s what it takes on our end each and every day to make HSP a success!  But… that being said, none of us could do it without YOU to support our efforts, on an on-going and daily basis as well, and for this, WE AT HSP THANK YOU!!  Please continue to help us help those most in need of our care in whatever way you can – either with donations of needed supplies, monetary contributions, your time, or the adoption of one of our HSP animals looking for a home.  Thank you for doing your part to make this a success on behalf of the animals we can help – TOGETHER.
Meg Kremer
Executive Director, Help Save Pets