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Human Foods Your Dog CAN Eat!

Who can resist those big adorable eyes begging for chicken?

You might not have to after all! Our dogs are part of our family, and occasionally, it’s okay to indulge and give them a treat. Just be sure it’s a safe treat. See a list of foods that your dog should avoid here.

Frenchie licking his lips - @thefrenchie_milo
PC: @thefrenchie_milo

Dogs can’t stomach the variety of foods we enjoy and can have serious reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, lethargy, and can even die.

dog lounging with food - @hellohoku
PC: @hellohoku

What human foods can your dog eat?

There is a solid list of great foods that you CAN feed your pup that are not only high in nutritional value but taste great!

Human foods your dog can eat graphic

Consider having these treats on-hand for rewards, snacks, and “just because I love you” occasions. We encourage Your dog will love them, and you’ll feel good about feeding your dog healthy treats!