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Impact Report 2020: In a Difficult Year, We Helped 150,000 Dogs

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Impact Report 2020: In a Difficult Year, We Helped 150,000 Dogs

The PEDIGREE Foundation 2020 Impact Report, published on Adopt a Shelter Pet Day 2021, shares the many ways we helped dogs over the course of the very difficult pandemic year.

Inside, you’ll find details about our grant giving and impact – with over $1,000,000 awarded to support 167 shelters and rescues.

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Plus, read stories about pups who benefitted from PEDIGREE Foundation support. One is Axis, who was matched with the right adopter to ensure a good fit. Another is Chai, who found a forever home thanks to a transport program we supported.

While we want to help as many homeless dogs as we can in any given year, what we want even more is to make progress toward a permanent end to pet homelessness.

So, you’ll also see a deep-dive Q&A in this year’s report, looking at the work of the new Human Animal Support Services initiative. We’re proud to support this effort as it works to help shelters transform how they help people and pets.

We hope that as you review the report, you’ll see the amazing impact of your donations at work and be inspired to give again in 2021! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re hearing from many shelters and rescues that many challenges persist, too.

With your continuing support, PEDIGREE Foundation can keep getting shelters and rescues the funds they desperately need, and continue our progress in getting more dogs the loving homes they deserve.

Click here to download and read the 2020 Impact Report.

Click here to donate and help us help more dogs in 2021.