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Lost Pet Prevention


July is Lost Pet Prevention Month.

Here are some tips from friends at PetHub

Why Microchips Aren’t Enough

Responsible pet parents should NEVER rely on Microchips ALONE. Although microchips are a critical tool, physical pet IDs are your first line of protection in recovering your lost pet. You are relying on a lot of things to go right if you depend solely on a microchip. We’ve all read articles with headlines such as “Dog Lost for 3 Years -Finally Reunited With Family” and many of these articles praise the use of microchips—but what these articles often leave out is how the story might have been different if the pet had been wearing an ID tag with a current phone number. In general, most pets with an up-to-date ID tag are returned home within a few hours. Even if the person who found your pet has the best intentions, it is not guaranteed that they have been educated about microchips. They may not know that they should take the pet to a veterinary clinic or shelter to be scanned.

Even once the pet has been taken to a shelter or veterinary clinic, there are several factors that can still prevent Fluffy from making it back home:

  1. If the vet or shelter does not have a universal scanner your pet’s microchip may go undetected.
  2. The microchip has migrated.
  3. The person using the scanner isn’t thoroughly and properly scanning the pet.
  4. The information on the microchip is not up to date with your contact information. (Depending on the brand of microchip it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months to update your microchip information.)

So are we saying that your pet doesn’t need a microchip? Absolutely not! We are saying that microchips should be used WITH external ID tags and should not be used as the sole type of ID your pet has protecting them.

Always Remember:

ID tags are your pet’s first line of defense for alerting people that they are lost and not a stray. ID tags are the fastest way that anyone who finds your pet can help them get home fast.

About PetHub, Inc. PetHub, Inc. is focused on getting lost pets home faster and safer than any other solution available by utilizing current and new technologies, including QR code pet ID tags, NFC wireless technology, GPS mapping, Bluetooth wireless services, and real-time notifications. The company has multiple software and hardware patents pending on its ID tags and Internet services. Success stories at can be found at PetHub’s service is available in English, German, French, Dutch and Italian languages, with users throughout the world. PetHub has received numerous industry awards, including Dog Fancy’s “Editors’ Choice,” Pet Business’“Innovation Award,” and Pet Age Magazine’s “Silver Retailer Select.” See also: SOURCE PetHub, Inc.