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Luz Defied the Odds Because C.A.R.E. Saved Her

Animals defy the odds every day to survive the unthinkable.

Today, you’re going to meet an English Bulldog who survived breeding after breeding until her little body was sick and dying. Her owner thought it best to leave her for dead instead of giving her treatment.

Rescue organizations like C.A.R.E. take animals like these in, treat them, and get them ready for adoption. But even if they never find their forever home, C.A.R.E. gives them a home sweet home for as long as they live. C.A.R.E. is a no-kill shelter and is also a proud grant recipient from the PEDIGREE Foundation.

Luz - CARE

Let’s learn about Luz’s story in the words of Maria Porter.

“Meet Luz, she is a beautiful six year old English Bulldog. This sweet girl was DUMPED in the desert to die by her owners.

“As an animal rescuer for many years, I have seen many instances of animal abuse and cruelty. But I never have encountered anything like this poor baby. This girl was in very bad shape when we found her. After C.A.R.E. rescued her, we discovered she had very serious, life-threatening problems. She had diarrhea, and she didn’t want to eat. Our vet diagnosed her with pyometra, which is a pus-filled uterus. The infection had spread to other organs shutting down her kidneys, and surgery was necessary to save her life.

“Our vet, Dr. David, performed the surgery. While inside her fragile body, he found that Luz had a minimum of four cesareans to remove her puppies (as a result of this breed’s large head they are prone to needing a caesarian section). Our vet believes, based on the variations in the suture scars that the ‘surgeries’ were done by four different people. In addition to the surgery to remove the infected uterus, she required a week of hospitalization, treatment with plasma, and IV fluids with antibiotics to try to get her body to recover.

Luz - CARE

“It is just heartbreaking and unforgivable to breed a dog so many times that her life is threatened. This poor girl was used as a breeding machine, and once the owner had to spend money to save her life they instead made the decision to dump this poor baby to die a very long and painful death all alone in the desert. Unbelievable.

“Luz responded well to the antibiotics and the fluids. She was fed with a syringe, and she kept the food down. We were very hopeful that Luz was going to make a full recovery. We desperately wanted her to live a long and happy life without ever being forced to have puppies again.

“Today this sweet girl is doing and looking great. Her kidneys are getting better every day and we are so hopeful she will make a full recovery. She loves to share a room with some of our beautiful senior kitties and love to play with their toys.”

Your donations to The PEDIGREE Foundation allows us to fund organizations like C.A.R.E. and support the hard work they do every day. Together, we can save dogs like Luz, and give them a long, happy life!