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Northwoods Promotes Responsible Adoptions


Help us help dogs like Elvis find a forever home in Minnesota.

The vision of  Northwoods Humane Society is a community with no more homeless or neglected companion animals. They strive to improve the lives of homeless animals by providing compassionate care until permanent loving homes can be found for adoption. They promote responsible adoptions and offer post-adoption support for the human-animals relationship. Northwoods Humane Society received a 2014 Operation Grant from the Pedigree Foundation, we are proud of the hard work and dedication they have toward the animal they care for! On October 13, 2014, Elvis was transferred from Texas. He was in an overwhelmed shelter before a rescue took him into their home to foster until they could find a different shelter to transfer him to. Was in a foster home with other dogs, who he did well with, but tended to jump up on the dogs to play, which some dogs were fine with, but some didn’t care for it. He was crated when left home alone, and did just fine. He did bark a bit, but settled down. He loves treats and will always sit for one. He is a very outgoing, friendly, and playful dog. He may bark when other dogs are barking, but it has never caused any issues. He responds well to verbal correction, as you can tell he wants to please his people. He does need to learn more manners, and to not jump up on people when he’s excited.  Read More