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Meet Riley

We received dozens of rescue stories over the weekend and we loved this one from @laurendfilm on Instagram! 

“I rescued Riley from Washington Humane Societyalmost 6 years ago. I was supposed to be rescuing a little rottie puppy who unfortunately came down with parvo and couldn’t be saved. The shelter knew I was looking for a large breed puppy, and any time one came in, they’d give me a call.

We got the call about Riley, a Cane Corso – and I had no idea what that was. I looked it up and thought oh god no! I didn’t want a mastiff, But I agreed to go meet him anyways. The second Riley (at 4 mo old) came trotting around the corner with his ridiculous flapping floppy ears that were way too big for his face, tripping over his way too big feet that he hadn’t grown into yet, and giving me that super happy “I love life no matter what” Riley smile, I was in love!

He was so undernourished you could see every bone in his body, but this dog had such a zest for life and he was so smart! Riley has been my best friend for almost 6 years now and we go everywhere together.

We love to hike and camp and swim and even explore caves (Riley has his own headlamp!) He’s amazingly gentle and loving with my father who has Parkinson’s, he can chase around my niece and nephew and let them chase him, then plop down for a snuggle session, he protects the little dogs at the dog park, has an 11 year old corgi brother for a best doggy pal, and he’s played nurse maid to the tiniest little kitten, who is now obsessively in love with him and chews his tail, which he begrudgingly allows.

Riley is an amazing bully breed ambassador and after having him, I’m pretty sure the only breed-type I will ever want again is a mastiff – rescued, of course!”

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