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Our passion is to support the people and organizations that help dogs. We truly thank you and your colleagues for the work you do every day to save their lives and brighten their days until they find their forever homes.

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Spotlight: Animal Humane New Mexico, 2013 Innovation Grant Award Winner

Throughout the year, dedicated staff and volunteers drive to the farthest reaches of New Mexico to pick up cats and dogs from other shelters and rescue groups through Animal Humane’s pet transfer program, Project Fetch.  For more than 10 years, Animal Humane has partnered with shelters throughout New Mexico to support their work and give more pets a chance at a wonderful life.  Once at Animal Humane, a professional and dedicated team performs health checks, schedules spay/neuter surgeries, performs SAFER behavior assessments, and finds comfortable lodging for the weary travelers. 

Project Fetch gives homeless pets a second chance at finding a new life, and provides a valuable service to shelters across New Mexico.  This program provides an opportunity for overcrowded rural shelters to transfer pets when they have run out of options, resources, and alternatives to euthanasia for the pets that reside in their care.

In 2013, Animal Humane was able to help 15 shelters in 13 counties by transferring 1,274 pets into their care – a 43% increase over 2012.

For more information about Project Fetch, contact:

Sam Blankenship
Adoptions Director
Animal Humane New Mexico
615 Virginia St. SE
Albuquerque NM 87108
Direct: 505.938.7879
Cell: 505.506.0844

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are. Volunteer!

Many shelters and rescues couldn’t exist without volunteers. Contact shelters and rescues in your area and ask about their volunteer program. Here are two great organizations that can also help you find a match for your time and talents.

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