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❝I love dog stories
with happy
endings—like mine!❞Coco
Coco gives everyone in her family equal time, which includes cuddling with the baby when he drinks his bottle and laying in Luciana’s bed until she goes to sleep.

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Meet Schroeder, the King of Charisma

When a shelter dogs looks at you through the bars of his cage, you can judge a lot about his personality and how he’s feeling. Is he shy? Sad? Lonely?

If that dog is a puppy with a bad case of fleas who was found wandering the streets in a rough part of town, you’d expect him to be withdrawn and introverted. But not when that pup is Schroeder!

Tara, his human companion, clearly remembers the impression he made on her when she first saw him at the shelter in Tampa, Florida: “He was sick and he couldn’t leave the cage. But his charisma couldn’t be caged!”

And once he was able to leave his cage—look out! Schroeder’s charismatic personality shines through in so many ways, and they all add joy to Tara’s life. “He loves to watch old movies and barks at the dogs on TV,” she reports. At the dog park, he grabs the biggest stick he can find and likes to sit by the pond and watch the birds. He’s also an ace ball catcher.

Is there anything that he doesn’t approach in a “full-on” way? Yes: grooming. “He avoids brushes at all costs,” Tara says.