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❝I love dog stories
with happy
endings—like mine!❞Coco
Coco gives everyone in her family equal time, which includes cuddling with the baby when he drinks his bottle and laying in Luciana’s bed until she goes to sleep.

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The Pet Adoption Fund Rescues 49 dogs from a Hoarder in California

Tori and her puppies were among 49 dogs who were rescued from a hoarding situation in the deserts of Mojave, CA. Tori and her little family lived in horrible conditions and were only able to survive by keeping each other warm, huddled in a hole in the ground.


The Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park, CA came in and rescued all of these dogs that day and are now rehabilitating and finding forever homes for all the puppies and adult dogs on site.

Maggie Turner, President of The Pet Adoption Fund, remembers the day well. “We were called in to help a group of animal rescue organizations when a hoarding situation was discovered. All of the 250 dogs on the property were found neglected, starved, and visibly abused.”

Although many of the dogs were placed in forever homes right away, Tori needed more time. She was shy, timid and did not trust people after years of abuse and neglect. “But our volunteers didn’t give up on her,” Maggie says, “we worked with her and the others to socialize them and let them know that there are loving people who care about them and their future.”

And finally, opportunity came knocking for Tori! After her long rehabilitation, Tori found her forever home. Maggie is happy to report that Tori “is now living the good life with her adoptive family and her doggy brother. She has learned how to be a normal dog, enjoying new world experiences that she never knew existed. She is finally living the life that every dog deserves.” She enjoys her new life on the beach in Southern California!

Grants provided by The PEDIGREE Foundation make it possible for The Pet Adoption Fund to rescue and rehabilitate dogs like Tori – getting these dogs out of hoarding situations and showing them what real love looks like. When you donate to The PEDIGREE Foundation, you are making rescues possible every day.