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❝I love dog stories
with happy
endings—like mine!❞Coco
Coco gives everyone in her family equal time, which includes cuddling with the baby when he drinks his bottle and laying in Luciana’s bed until she goes to sleep.

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Agape Animal Rescue of Nashville Gives Ellie a Second Chance

There isn’t enough room in shelters for all the dogs that need homes, which is how organizations like Agape Animal Rescue of Nashville came to be.


Agape connects willing families and dogs that need a home. The family provides love, support, daily training, and companionship and Agape provides the necessary supplies so that dogs like Ellie can have a second chance.

Ellie is a year and a half old pup. Isn’t she adorable? Her owner surrendered her to Metro Animal Care and Control. Because of her reactivity problems and fear of strangers, she needed constant attention and training, which Metro could not give her. So, she ended up with Agape Animal Rescue of Nashville.

Agape is a rescue organization that finds foster families for dogs until their forever home is found. The foster families provide “real world” experiences, love, and training while Agape provides the necessary supplies, including a training course to bring Ellie out of her shell and make her more adoptable.

Ally Oliver, Agape’s Foster Coordinator, says, “Within the last 9 months, Ellie has come a very long way and is more ready than she has ever been to find her forever home!”

When you support the PEDIGREE Foundation, you are supporting grant recipients like Agape Animal Rescue of Nashville. They are taking dogs that otherwise would have a hard time getting adopted, and making a forever home possible.