Success Story 4



❝I love dog stories
with happy
endings—like mine!❞Coco
Coco gives everyone in her family equal time, which includes cuddling with the baby when he drinks his bottle and laying in Luciana’s bed until she goes to sleep.

Inspiring stories of love and dedication
Read how the passionate commitment of these organizations makes life better for the animals in their care.

A dramatic rescue and a chance meeting

The clock was ticking for Rider at the kill shelter. Fortunately, he was noticed by a family that wanted him to have a happy life with someone who loved him. However, this family already had two dogs and couldn’t give Rider a forever home. But they were so moved by Rider’s desperate situation, they decided to foster him so he wouldn’t be put down.

What happened next really gives this story a happy ending. A few days after the family began fostering Rider, he was in the car when his foster mom picked the kids up at school. That’s when he was spotted by the school’s principal. As it turns out, the principal’s canine family member had recently passed. He fell in love with Rider and adopted him. Here’s to more happy endings like this!