Success Story 5



❝I love dog stories
with happy
endings—like mine!❞Coco
Coco gives everyone in her family equal time, which includes cuddling with the baby when he drinks his bottle and laying in Luciana’s bed until she goes to sleep.

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Youthful energy needs youthful energy

Even though you love a puppy, it doesn’t mean that you can keep up with its boundless energy, curiosity, and needs. That’s what a Texas woman in her 70s discovered after her kids gave her a delightful puppy named Mynne. This young Boston Terrier was lovable, but it was just too much for her septuagenarian companion to handle. As a result, she reluctantly brought Mynne to a shelter with the hope that she would find a loving family—one with the energy to keep up with the pup.

This story has a happy ending, thanks to a family that was looking for a second pooch. Mynne fit in perfectly. She makes everyone in the family happy, including Chubs, the other dog in the house. Best of all, after all these years, Mynne’s family still keeps in touch with her previous owner—now in her 80s—who enjoys hearing the latest news about the Boston Terrier and the loving family that adopted her.