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Shelter Spotlight – TAPS Shelter

With every donation made to the PEDIGREE Foundation, shelters and rescues across the US are able to improve the lives of dogs that are without a loving home through no fault of their own. Through our grant program, we are able to give 100% of your donation to shelters and rescues. Nothing makes us happier than hearing about the amazing work they’re doing to help us help dogs.

One grant recipient that is doing exceptionally well to increase dog adoptions is the TAPS Shelter in Pekin, Illinois. TAPS is a private, no-kill animal shelter serving homeless dogs and cats. With dedicated volunteers helping perform day to day operations, TAPS is able to help more animals in need. In fact, the volunteers have helped so much that the shelter was able to host 70 off-site adoptions this year–a feat that would have been difficult to accomplish by shelter staff alone.

This year, The PEDIGREE Foundation awarded TAPS with a Program Development Grant to support volunteer recruitment, training, and coordination. With this grant, they have the resources necessary to recruit more volunteers who can help support their mission: to provide a temporary sanctuary and an opportunity for life by bringing companion animals and loving people together.


The TAPS Shelter shared a story that perfectly captures the impact volunteers have on dogs in need:

“Our volunteers are a key component for the success of our animals. Taddy, one of our current dogs, came to us from a hoarding situation. He had little to no human contact and was living in an outdoor kennel filled with feces. He has struggled adaption to human contact since arriving at TAPS and continues to be extremely frightened. Kylie Bush, a young volunteer, has really connected with Taddy. She can go into his kennel and he will crawl into her lap. We have a potential adopter who wants to give Taddy a life outside of the shelter. Kylie is helping the adopter to become comfortable enough with Taddy to adopt!”

Stories like Taddy’s would not be possible without the TAPS Shelter and their volunteers. Thank you so much for your hard work to socialize and re-home animals in need!