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Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pup!

Dog + Halloween costume = Adorable overload!

We’ve gone a little over board with dog Halloween costumes the last few years, and for good reason….the cuteness! Besides the funny costumes, we love how folks are getting into the spirit with cinema inspired as well as spooky scary getups!

Since your dog can’t join in the candy fun (cue puking, diarrhea, and other gross symptoms), let him join in by making (or buying) a Halloween costume he can wear with pride. Here are some of our favorite DIY (and not-so-DIY) costume ideas for your pup this Halloween.

Friendly Lion

lion dog costume

Roar! Does your dog remind you of a wild animal sometimes? Give him a costume that suits his personality and make him a lion for Halloween. Via: Puppy in Training

Creepy Cute Spider

DIY Spider costume

Isn’t this the sweetest thing you ever saw? Via Martha Stewart

Hungry Shark

Shark dog costume

Speaking of animals, how about a (hungry) shark? Via Amazon

Darth Vader

Darth Vader dog costume

The cuteness awakens! Dress your dog up like Darth Vader! Here’s an option on Amazon.


Unicorn dog costume

Mythical creature to the rescue. What an adorable unicorn costume. Via Live Colorful

Cookie Monster

cookie monster dog costume

Dogs like cookies, too (the pet-friendly kind, of course)! This adorable pooch looks like he wants to dig in! Via Petful


elvis dog costume

“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.” This dog was born to be in an Elvis costume! Via Refinery29

The Big Bad Wolf

Big bad wolf dog costume

“What big eyes you have grandma!” This adorable idea will work perfectly if you have a little girl and a big dog!

Hostess Cupcake

hostess cupcake dog costume

Dress your dog up like a chocolatey treat, a hostess cupcake! This one is super easy to make at home, even your kiddos can help! Via: Sew Doggie Style

Corn Dog

Corn dog costume

Turn your dog into a “corn dog.” It’s both literal AND a pun. Via Instructables

Halloween doesn’t have to be just about the humans in your world, let your dog join in the fun by strutting her stuff in style with the family. Have you created a unique costume this year? Show us by tagging us on Instagram!