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Three Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog – and Celebrate National Mutt Day

July 31 is National Mutt Day. But really, every day is a great day to celebrate dogs, and especially to welcome them into new forever homes. If you’re a new dog mom or dad, congratulations! Here are some fun ways to share your special story, and maybe even inspire friends to adopt their own furbabies.

Facebook Live “Welcome Home Paw-ty”: Bringing home a new dog is a momentous occasion! When your dog is settled in and socialized, invite some friends over, along with their own pets, for a celebration. It’s a fun way to introduce your new dog to your world, and help her join the local pack. And by live-streaming the event, you’ll include those friends who live too far to get dog kisses in person.


Pup’s Own Twitter: If only our pets could talk…now, with Twitter, they can. Posting observations about the world “in your dog’s own words,” or just sharing hilarious moments, is a creative way to share his story and keep in touch with your friends.

Instagram Account for Your Dog: Scrolling through #dogsofinstagram is fun, sure, but with his own account and hashtag your dog will be the star of the show. It’ll be so easy for your friends and family to enjoy your pup, especially if you create stories and videos. Don’t forget to tag the shelter or rescue where you found your furbaby, too. Someone just might be inspired to contact them and adopt one of their own. And if they can’t adopt right now, they might be inspired to help in other ways, like volunteering and/or donating to local shelters or national organizations like PEDIGREE Foundation.

So Happy National Mutt Day! Give your dog an extra belly rub, or go celebrate the sweethearts at your local shelter. Who knows, you may end up finding a new best friend. That would make every day National Mutt Day!