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Zoe: The PEDIGREE Foundation 10 Year Anniversary Pup

Zoe’s story is one of love and perseverance. Because of one woman’s bravery and big heart, Zoe found her forever home with people who loved her. That’s why we’re celebrating Zoe and naming her the 2018 PEDIGREE Foundation Dog.

Zoe was found running down the middle of a country road just outside of Clarksville, Tennessee by Sandy, a long-time volunteer and board member for the Clarksville Humane Society. Zoe appeared to be a lost stray. She didn’t have an ID tag but she was wearing a new collar. Naturally, Sandy thought Zoe must be lost and that there was a loving family looking for her.

So two minutes later, Zoe found herself in Sandy’s car headed for a warm bath and a good meal.

Sandy spent the next two weeks looking for Zoe’s family. She contacted shelters and placed an ad in the local paper, but no one had reported a lost dog. Zoe’s family just couldn’t be found and that meant Zoe needed to be put up for adoption at the local shelter.

But you can’t spend two weeks with a dog like Zoe and not fall in love with her – which is exactly what happened next.

Zoe was officially adopted by Sandy and her husband Glen and joined her family of two other dogs, Scooter and Peanut.

She is remembered as a sweet dog who was mostly calm and quiet…except when her favorite people came home! When she saw Sandy or Glen, Zoe would squeal, whine and yelp with excitement. She loved to lick anyone who pet her and was a friend to all (except the squirrels and rabbits she barked at from her fenced yard). And her most favorite thing to do was go on truck rides with her Daddy, Glen.

Happy endings like Zoe’s are why we do what we do and why we ask you to join us in our mission.

As a community we can make more of these stories possible by adopting, volunteering, and donating. Will you join us? Go to to find out how you can help us help dogs in need, like Zoe.