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Every dog deserves a loving home – and the right home can be found for every dog! Ray is proof – from being seen as “aggressive” at the shelter, he went on to become a talented and beloved part of Parkersburg Country Club. His transformation story is why we chose him as the 2021 Rescue Dog of the year.

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Kaylee, Joshua’s human companion, says it best: “He wandered into my heart and adds color to my laughter and purpose to each and every day.”

Congratulations to
Stevie Wonderful,
2020 Rescue
Dog of the Year!

Your donation can help save
more shelter dogs like Stevie.

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Stevie Wonderful was blind and lost when he was found. But with care and love, he has become a beacon of hope. Today he has a loving family and is a canine greeter bringing joy at Cleveland Clinic. His enduring spirit is why we chose him as PEDIGREE Foundation’s 2020 Rescue Dog of the Year.

Every dog deserves
a loving home.™

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Schroeder was in a cage at the shelter when Tara first saw him, but, as she puts it, “his charisma couldn’t be caged!”

When disaster strikes,
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Our disaster relief grants help nonprofit animal welfare
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“Thanks for donating. I’ll pay you back with loving licks.”
Nora is one of the four million dogs that find themselves in shelters every year. Your donation goes toward supporting shelters and rescues that are working to get more dogs adopted.
When disaster strikes,
we’re here for you
PEDIGREE Foundation now provides disaster relief grants to nonprofit animal welfare organizations impacted by natural disasters.
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Success stories from our partners in helping dogs

Rider’s Story

Rider’s Story

Rider’s rescue has two parts. First he was rescued from a kill shelter by a family that could only foster him. Then, by chance, their kid’s principal saw Rider and adopted him.

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