Frequently Asked Questions

What is PEDIGREE Foundation?
PEDIGREE Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to helping dogs in need. It is funded by contributions from the PEDIGREE® Brand and individuals who share our belief that every dog deserves a loving home. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
How will my contribution be used?
100% of the income derived from the public’s charitable contributions and proceeds from the sale of DOGS RULE.® gear are distributed to 501(c)(3) designated shelters and dog rescue organizations through our grants program.
What is PEDIGREE Foundation’s tax ID number (EIN)?
The Foundation’s tax ID number is 26-1121498.
How can I modify my recurring donation to PEDIGREE Foundation?
Your recurring donation to PEDIGREE Foundation is greatly appreciated. If you wish to modify your recurring donation, please email us at info@pedigreefoundation.org.
How much money has PEDIGREE Foundation distributed through its grant programs?
Through 2020, the Foundation has provided more than $9 million in grant awards.
How are shelters and rescue organizations selected to receive grants from PEDIGREE Foundation?
Shelters and rescue organizations that have a 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS are eligible to submit a grant application. The application process and information about the types of grants offered are explained in detail on the Foundation’s website. All applications must be complete, submitted by the application deadline, and meet the selection criteria. PEDIGREE Foundation Board of Directors wishes it could support every worthwhile organization and project. Each year, funding is awarded to the applicants that receive the highest competitive ratings and that meet all the selection criteria.
What should a shelter or rescue organization do if they want to apply for a grant?
Eligible shelters and rescues should apply online on the Foundation website when the annual grant application process is opened. The call for applications generally begins in the first quarter of the year with the application deadline set for May 15. Grants are provided by PEDIGREE Foundation for specific programs with specific guidelines. All eligible applicants should review the guidelines to assure that their organization and their application meet the requirements for consideration.