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No More Lonely – A Veteran Rescue Story

May 23, 2017 1:41 pm Published by Comments Off


This is Josie. Josie is being trained as a companion animal to veterans who have returned home from tours abroad.

When veterans return after a tour, they often struggle with loneliness after the day-to-day routine they become accustomed to with their fellow soldiers. For a soldier coming from a tight knit community where they eat together, fight together, and sleep in close quarters, the isolation of being home is overwhelming.

Horse and Hound Rescue used their PEDIGREE Foundation operation grant to fund their mission of training dogs to be companion animals for returning veterans who are plagued by this deep sense of loneliness. These dogs are much more than just company, they are a way to heal. Josie will provide emotional support and unconditional love to her veteran.

We are so proud to support organizations like Horse and Hound. If you’d like to see more organizations get the funding they need, donate to The PEDIGREE Foundation today!