2015 Program Development Grant Recipients

Organization City State Amount
Abandoned Animal Rescue is a Cat & Dog Center that includes a no-kill adoption shelter, an affordable spay-neuter clinic, a wellness center, and community education outreach. They provide temporary sanctuary and an opportunity for life by bringing companion animals and loving people together. Funds from the PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant will be used to purchase kennels and a trailer to create a dedicated meet-and-greet area for prospective adopters. Tomball TX $10,000
Agape Animal Rescue! In early 2015 Agape teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society, the Enderle Family, and The Community Foundation to create Agape’s Official Puppy Program. Through this program, they’re dedicated to saving pregnant dogs and orphaned puppies ages 6 months and under. These puppies come from Middle Tennessee area and would have otherwise been euthanized. The 2015 Program Development Grant will support the care and adoption of puppies under the age of 6 months from Metro Animal Control. Nashville TN $10,000
Animal Humane New Mexico! Project Fetch is a flagship program that demonstrates the commitment to statewide animal welfare change communicated by the organization’s name, Animal Humane New Mexico. In many parts of the state, homeless pets reside in overcrowded and underfunded shelters that may be unable to re-home as many pets as they would like. Project Fetch works with these rescues and shelters to transfer pets to the Animal Humane New Mexico facility, where they can be given a second chance at finding a forever home. The 2015 Program Development Grant will support the expansion of the services of Project Fetch. Albuquerque NM $10,000
Broome County Humane Society! The mission of the Broome County Humane Society is to improve the lives of animals, alleviate their suffering, and elevate their status in society, to help control the animal population, and to investigate and reduce animal cruelty. To create a better world for animals, by providing a safe haven for animals and increasing adoptions by matching the right animal with the right home forever. The 2015 Program Development Grant will support construction of a new facility. Binghamtom NY $10,000
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue! requested the 2015 Program Development Grant in order to add additional outbound transports to Northern shelters. BWAR was founded in 2007 to provide the resources and life-saving programs to build a No-Kill community. As a grass roots organization, BWAR operates an adoption center that is open to the public 365 days a year making it easy to adopt, volunteer, and become involved in their No-Kill mission. Asheville NC $10,000
The PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant will provide medical care for an increased population of 1,000 dogs who are rescued and transported out of North Carolina annually. What began as a small group of volunteers has evolved into one of the leading animal rescue groups in western North Carolina and now rescues adoptable animals in Transylvania, Henderson, and Buncombe Counties. Since it’s inception in 2009 CAAR has saved nearly 1,100 animals from certain death and has established networks with other rescue groups throughout the eastern US. Fletcher NC $10,000
Delaware Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! The 2015 Program Development Grant will go towards The Delaware SPCA and developing a two-track system for resource allocation to facilitate adoptions. The Delaware SPCA was incorporated in 1873 in response to the mistreatment of livestock being led to market in the city of Wilmington, making it the oldest animal welfare agency in the state. They operate two shelters in Stanton and Georgetown that take in over 3,500 animals a year, many of which are in urgent need of care and medical attention before they find new homes. They also Delaware’s largest provider of low-cost spay/neuter services, providing pet owners access to spay/neuter at little to no cost. Newark DE $10,000
Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake's! goal is to provide a caring, safe, and loving environment for abused and abandoned dogs and cats in our community. They are a life-saving shelter that houses approximately 80 dogs and 75 cats and are usually at capacity. The PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant will support shelter expansion and renovation, so that they can continue to address the pet overpopulation problem in the Grand Lake area. Grove OK $10,000
Longmont Humane Society! has come a long way since 1972. More than 4,000 animals come through its doors every year, and more than 2,000 find loving, permanent new homes with the help of more than 80 staff – including a behavioral team to work specifically with dogs – and some 600 volunteers. Another 800 pets are reunited with their families, and many more are transferred to other shelters. The PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant will support their canine Training and Behavior Modification Department. The Longmont Humane Society offers several dog training classes, from puppy obedience to private in-home training. Longmont CO $10,000
Main Line Animal Rescue! Every year, Main Line Animal Rescue assists hundreds of dogs, cats, and rabbits transferred to our facility from overcrowded city shelters. Many of these animals are in need of costly and immediate medical care. We carefully screen and find new homes for animals privately surrendered by families unable to care for them any longer, and rescue and rehabilitate countless dogs from Pennsylvania’s notorious puppy mills. Funds from the PEDIGREE Foundation’s Program Development Grant will support their dog training and enrichment programs and provide increased training for staff and volunteers. Chester Springs PA $10,000
Tails Humane Society! cares for over 2,500 displaced pets each year. They accept pets from owners who can no longer keep them and from Good Samaritans who have found a homeless pet, and work with animal control organizations and other animal welfare organizations, accepting pets from overcrowded shelters when their assistance is needed. The PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant will support inbound transports of 50 dogs each month. DeKalb IL $10,000
Tazewell Animal Protective Society! The PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant will support volunteer recruitment, training, and coordination at the Tazewell Animal Protective Society (TAPS). They are a No-Kill animal shelter that gives dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens a home until permanent homes can be found. TAPS brings companion animals together through a comprehensive, holistic adoption center complete with community outreach and education, aggressive spay/neuter, rehabilitation and training programs to ensure a loving partnership for life. Pekin IL $10,000

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