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Meet Kerry

a beautiful German Shepherd named Kerry

With Help From GHGSDR, Kerry Found a Loving Forever Home

Hi! My name is Kerry, and I’m a beautiful German Shepherd. I have a luxurious black coat. I also have an adorably, sweet and affectionate personality. And, I’m very obedient and very kind. You would think I had it all! But unfortunately, I didn’t.

First, I was dumped in a shelter at just three months – most likely by a breeder trying to hide the fact that my litter had a congenital defect, elbow dysplasia.

That’s a painful condition that can’t be fixed, though it can be improved with an expensive surgery. But my condition was unknown at the time, since I wasn’t showing any symptoms yet. Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue (GHGSDR) took me in and it was only a matter of weeks before I started to limp.

I was soon diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. But GHGSDR didn’t hesitate – they are so great! With the help of a grant from the folks at PEDIGREE Foundation, they arranged for me to have surgery. Being a puppy, I came through it with flying colors.

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Now it was time for me to find my forever home. This was a scary time for me, because who wants a dog who requires a lifetime of special care?

I was advertised for adoption, elbow dysplasia and all, and here is where my luck changes. In only three weeks, a wonderful woman came to meet me. My awesome personality must have worked its magic, because she didn’t care about my disability. She said she just had to have me!

My luck had changed and I’m so happy now. Thanks to GHGSDR, with support from PEDIGREE Foundation, I now live in a wonderful home with a wonderful mom.

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