Meet Muddy: PEDIGREE Foundation’s 2019 Rescue Dog of the Year!

Mister Muddy’s tale is one that combines heartbreak, hope, and lots of love for a story that touched the lives of many. In fact, the incredible journey of Mister Muddy finding his forever home is one that has touched our hearts and is why we have chosen to name him PEDIGREE Foundation’s 2019 Rescue Dog of the Year.


Muddy’s journey to his forever family began with the loyalty of another dog, Mister Molson. For twelve joyous years, Mister Molson took the best of care of Muddy’s soon to be family. He was the most loyal friend, family member, and guardian of his pack – the Griffin family. Sadly, Mister Molson’s time on Earth came to an end leaving a hole in the hearts of his family. Little did they know this was just the beginning of a journey Mister Molson  was sending them on to find another special furry family member to fill his paws.


Muddy lived the first few months of his life in a shelter in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, he found himself facing even more challenges as Hurricane Harvey hit. Due to evacuations, Muddy and his siblings were left to fend for themselves in the shelter during the storm. Luckily for them, teams like Agape Animal Rescue were on their way to help. The Agape team showed up just in time to rescue Muddy, his siblings, and many other dogs from Harvey. They got them safely to loving foster homes in Tennessee, which is where Mister Muddy’s story intertwined with that of Mister Molson’s family.
To make sure that Mister Molson was living out his days in the most amazing way possible, the Griffins created a bucket list of adventures for him. Mister Molson’s journeys gained quite a following and, after his passing, sympathies and well wishes poured in for the family – including one from the Pickler & Ben television show asking them to come to Nashville to tell Mister Molson’s story.


Little did the Griffins know, the show had quite a surprise waiting for them. One that came in the form of four paws and a wet nose who had escaped Hurricane Harvey. With great joy, Timothy, Chloe, and Elliot excitedly welcomed Muddy into their family. Although Muddy had been through so many changes in his short little life, he soon learned to trust his family and the new world around him.


Muddy now spends his days going on adventures in the woods, being his dad’s sidekick at work, and watching over his farm and all of its animals. He loves to chase critters but is very gentle with his chickens. He shocks his family with how quickly he learns new things and what an amazing companion he has already become. Muddy is incredibly loved by his dad and his two-legged siblings and he returns their love in the amazing way that only dogs can.


Muddy’s dad summed up the story of their family’s journey to each other in the perfect way –  “We are a very lucky family that hard times for us and Mister Muddy led to such a great silver lining.  Without losing our buddy Mister Molson and sharing his story, and without Hurricane Harvey, he never would have been with us.  I think we are both blessed.”

Stories like that of Mister Muddy and his family are why we do what we do at PEDIGREE Foundation. We are overjoyed that Muddy has found his forever family and we wish them the happiest life together!

To follow the adventures of Mister Muddy, visit to read his blog!

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