With Help from Arizona Humane Society, Monkey and Bodhi Beat Parvo and Got Forever Homes

portraits of monkey and bodhi

We love sharing stories of how PEDIGREE Foundation grants help shelters and rescues care for dogs and get them adopted. Here’s a great example from grant recipient Arizona Humane Society (AHS).

If you’ve never heard of parvo, you might not know that it’s a highly contagious, dangerous virus that causes gastrointestinal illness in puppies and young dogs. If not treated, it can be deadly. But with treatment, many dogs recover. AHS says that with its PEDIGREE Foundation grant, it was able to treat 325 dogs infected with parvo in 2019.

AHS invests $650 to 750 to treat a dog infected with the deadly parvo virus. Using their $10,000 PEDIGREE Foundation grant, AHS purchased supplies including test kits, medications, syringe fusion pumps and IVs to support pups being treated with antibiotics, anti-nausea and pain management meds.

The funding also helped AHS buy supplies to keep the rest of the shelter safe and virus-free, including gloves, gowns and other sanitation and disease prevention materials for use exclusively in the Parvo Puppy ICU.

And what an impact this makes. Read on to see the stories of two dogs who received care from AHS…

portrait of Monkey the dogMeet Monkey

I was brought to the AHS by a good Samaritan who found me with a two-inch long laceration on my shoulder. It hurt! I had surgery in AHS’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, but then two days later, I started showing symptoms of parvo virus.

Thanks to supplies funded by PEDIGREE Foundation, I got IV fluids and injectable medications for six days until I beat the bug. Best of all, once I was better, I was put up for adoption and I found a forever home.

Portrait of Bodhi the dogMeet Bodhi

I was at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, but then I was diagnosed with parvo and had to be moved because it’s so contagious. AHS took me in and gave me treatment. You can actually see it in this cute picture of me – my legs are shaved from where the IVs were put in!

Thank goodness, after a few days of treatment I started to feel more like myself. AHS then made sure I was neutered and microchipped, and I got adopted into a loving home.

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